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         Richard Otu Kwaku Sabree has been a dedicated educator for over 45 years. He is also a storyteller, poet, published author, co-founder of Ujima Press Real Communication,  chief editor of Liberated MindZ publishers, and a father of three positive and productive adults. Although young brothers and sisters respectfully call  him Baba Otu or Baba Richard, students and colleagues call him Professor Sabree, and his grandchildren loving call him granddad, social standing or grand titles have never been of much interest to Baba Otu. However, friends and colleagues  alike know when it comes to hippos  "Professor Otu, the Hippo Man" becomes very excited. In addition to hippos, the written and spoken word, music, and other artful things have always captured his full attention.  Therefore, it was only natural to call the creation Hippos, Books, and Things.

Hippos, Books, and Things offers a select  grouping of rare, out-of-print, vintage, and limited edition books suitable for serious collectors, students, and/ or book lovers. The organization also offers imported artifacts and exotic oils.  Hippos, Books, and Things conducts every other month  READING CIRCLES. In collaboration with Ujima Press Real Communication, Hippos Books, and Things is the proud sponsor  of  regular writing workshops. 

Professor Otu, the Hippo Man is available for speaking engagements. He especially enjoys storytelling, and speaking about African-American/Black literature, Indigenous writers worldwide, education, and other related topics.